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The Warm Heart of Africa

The Warm Heart of Africa is Malawi called quite rightly, and its inhabitants stand by the slogan with heart and soul. In this friendly and peaceful country, one meets with affection, mindfulness and interest everywhere. Despite all problems - even facing a difficult economical and political situation at present - the people exude a profound agreement with life.

UN-Map of Malawi


Malawi is situated in the southern part of the East African Rift. With an area of 118,484 km², a north-south length of 850 km and a west-east width of 350 km it is a comparatively small country. The landscape is characterised through plateaus that are dominated by inselbergs, wide lowlands and the Lake Malawi. The latter, well known to aquarium enthusiasts, is the third largest inland lake of Africa. In the east, south and southwest, Mozambique encloses the country like a large pair of pliers. Other neighbour countries are Zambia in the west and Tanzania to the north. The climate is subtropical with three main seasons - cool, hot, rainy -; main rainfalls occur from December through March.


Malawi has a population of 16.7 million inhabitants with a growth rate of 2.8%; 45% are less than 15 years old. Approximately 10% of the adults live with the HIV/AIDS disease. Population density is 177 per km²; only 16% live in urbanised areas. 80% of the children of school age visit a school, but there is a lack of schools and teachers as well. Besides the official languages English and Chichewa several Bantu languages are spoken. 83% of the population is Christian. 

Politics and Economy

Malawi is a parliamentary presidential republic and member of the Commonwealth of Nations. President and parliament are elected every 5 years. 90% of the inhabitants live on agriculture. Main crops are maize for home requirements, and tobacco, tea and sugar cane for export. The Gross National Income (Atlas method) per capita declined from 370US$ in 2011 to 250 US$ in 2014. Inflation rate is in a two-digit range (24.1% in 2014). Less than 8% of the people have access to electricity, and almost 71% are living under the poverty line. Currency is the Malawi Kwacha; 1 EUR corresponds to approx. 840 MWK (3rd October 2018).